Below are examples of several types of projects I’ve worked on during my career.

Current Client Work

Below is some of my current edtech client work. Want to dig a bit deeper? Visit my client portfolio here.

Other work:

Case Studies

EdTech Software Provider

  • State Education Department CIOs, Local School District CIOs, and Education Data Staff ­ who were:
    • Attempting to meet data collection and reporting requirements of No Child Left Behind
    • ­Looking for a Longitudinal Data Warehouse Solution
  • Ed Departments had a choice of building Longitudinal Data Warehouse from scratch, hiring a large integrator (e.g., Oracle), or buying a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) product like ours ­
  • Skepticism around flexibility of COTS Data Warehouse products ­
  • Many failed homegrown and Integrator implementations
  • Establish our credibility as best-of-breed COTS Data Warehouse solution in a space with few credible players
  • ­Capitalize on string of client successes to highlight the strength and flexibility of our products
  • Case Studies published as one-page downloadable documents
  • ­Built our reputation and referenceability across the space
  • ­Invited to finals of 4 Statewide Longitudinal Data System RFPs
  • ­Won 3 (TX, NC, MI). At the time, TX was the largest Statewide Longitudinal Data Warehouse implementation in the nation

White Papers

EdTech Software Provider

  • ­State Education Department CIOs
  • Local School District CIOs
  • Longitudinal Data Solution Project Sponsors
  • ­As Longitudinal Data Warehouse implementation projects at the state-level became more prevalent, many Education Departments were unsure what staff they needed for success
  • ­Our product was a packaged software solution — a relatively new concept in the space at the time – so we had to overcome the perception that a packaged product was plug and play ­
  • The incoming Obama administration announced a new round of competitive grants (named ARRA-RFA). Many State Education Departments were uncertain how to use their data to apply for and win them
  • ­Prove our expertise in the Education Data Warehouse space
  • ­Provide our prospects and customers with a roadmap on project staffing and project success ­
  • Help our customers and prospects attain federal grant money
  • ­Guide customers toward 3 business initiatives– our user conference, a new Professional Services business line, and a new Customer Education business line
  • P-20 Roles and Responsibilities paper adapted into a user-group seminar I delivered at our conference
  • Several Professional Services and Customer Education deals signed
  • In some cases, new business lines allowed us to grow organic revenue without a lengthy RFP process
  • Several clients won ARRA-RFA grants and we later presented those results at a national education data conference

Communications Strategy Plan

Retail Tech Firm

  • Executive Leadership Team
  • VP/Director-level sponsors of initiative to consolidate our various customer support streams into a single contact center
  • Program team spread across multiple business divisions, geographies and vendor partners
  • We delivered a service that had been live for several months, but had low internal/external adoption
  • The division who owned the technical implementation did not know how to publicize the service
  • Lack of communication had given rise to internal suspicion and customer confusion about the offering
  • I built this communication plan to reset the focus of the initiative
  • I worked with the team to:
    1. Identify all audience personas
    2. Establish where each persona was today; and what we wanted them to think, feel, and do about the service
    3. Brainstorm key messages we wanted to communicate
    4. Determine the key channels/tactics we were going to use and a high-level timeline to roll them out
  • While this plan was approved, we did not get to execute it. Unfortunately, business impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic shelved the project

Blog Posts

Below are examples of the types of blog posts I write:

3 Keys to Remote Project Management Success (and One Mistake to Avoid)

Maybe remote project management is your dream job, or maybe the situation with COVID-19 forced you into it. No matter the reason, you must make it a success. Managing a project remotely doesn’t have to be difficult if you keep a few keys in mind and let yourself be a little creative. Here are 3 keys (and one thing to avoid) for successful remote project management.

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