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Are you a content marketing specialist? Are you rocking social media for your customers? Ever need to put together a video ad? If so, you probably need a tool to whip up a quick infographic, create an Instagram image, or even create a video. 

For the last couple of months, I’ve been trying out Visme. It’s quickly become my go-to for all my graphic and video design. It’s also pretty much replaced PowerPoint as my presentation tool. 

Visme brands itself as the all-in-one visual design tool. They play in the same space as tools like Canva. Visme’s mission is to open the doors of visual communication for everyone. They’ve done a pretty good job.  

Visme has a familiar look and feel to other content design tools, but that’s only the initial impression. Once you get into doing a project, you’ll soon see there’s a lot of power under the hood.

Note: I have been using the business-level version of the tool. This level sells at $29 per month if you pay annually ($49 monthly). That puts it well above the pricing of its closest competitor. I think it might be worth it, though. 

Here are 5 reasons why I love it. 

Top 5 Reasons Why Visme is now my go to content design tool

1. Coordinates and sizing give you more control

Okay, this one may seem nerdy, but it has saved me so much time. Other tools rely more on drag-and-drop positioning and eye-balling sizing. Sometimes, you can find yourself spending precious minutes – or if you’re anal like me, hours — making sure your graphical elements are the right size or in the right place. Visme has solved this issue by adding a little box of power. Here you can manually type in the height and width of the object and even enter the x and y coordinates. If you want, you can lock or unlock the aspect ratio of the object. This level of control adds a quick and easy way to make your graphics and videos more professional. To me, it’s a killer feature. 

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2. Advance timeline lets you direct the action.

They say timing is everything. If you’re creating video ads for social media, every second is critical. An extra second of playtime or a frame that is too short can mean a lost click-through.

Visme defaults to a simple timeline for your video projects. That’s great for quick and dirty tasks. But wait! It expands! If you select the advanced mode, you can control every element on every video frame with sub-second precision. This feature helps you do all sorts of things with animation and timing. Like the coordinates feature, it enables you to make make your content that much more professional. 

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3. An intuitive way to find the templates you need

Other tools have templates for almost everything you need. Visme just organizes them a little better. While I often find I have to search with other tools, Visme’s prompts at the top of their template menu make it super-easy to find what you need quickly.  

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Visme also has a great library of presentation templates that are easy to adapt to your needs. In fact, I have started using Visme for all my proposal and sales decks. 

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4. A wide array of animated elements (and characters)
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The first thing I did with Visme was to create a character graphic for a blog post I was writing for a customer. These things are fantastic and incredibly easy to customize. I was also able to complete the work in minutes. Additionally, there are also tons of animated icons, avatars, special effects, and graphics. They are easy to use and, again, take your work up a notch. 

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5. An authentic customer community

Another thing I quickly came to love about Visme is how invested the team is in communicating with their user community. They often schedule live webinars where the company CEO walks through new features and takes questions. They also have a complete set of resources and on-demand courses that focus on general visual design and creating specific types of content. They quickly respond when you send a tweet their way. This commitment to showing their community how to use Visme well demonstrates the team’s passion for their product.

Bonus: It’s so much more than an infographic and presentation tool!

I’ve only scratched the surface of things you can do with Visme. There is a lot more there that really sets it apart from other apps.

For example, You can use Visme to create other forms of content. Anything from printables, to scatter plots, and social media graphics.

Their graphs and charts tools are a cut above others. They have some nice visualizations and are easy to work with. You can also create scatter plots. You can import data into Visme from Google or Excel to make these work.

There are a suite of printable templates. I haven’t had the chance to use them yet, but their flyers templates look promising.

One other feature I am hoping to try soon is there survey graph maker. This looks like a great way to display visual survey results to my customers.

Things that can still get better

Visme is a relatively new player in the content design space, so there are a few wrinkles. Addressing these can help the product get even better. I’ve listed some of them below. 

Image and video library (and search)

While the library content is multiplying, I’ve noticed that finding the right image or video clip takes too much time with Visme. I am not sure if this is due to the content itself or their search algorithm. 

One thing that would really improve the library is to add more diversity to their images and videos. Customers demand diversity in their content and having a quick way to find an image or video clip to meet those needs would be a great help.  

Being able to change project type

So Visme only allows certain project types to be downloaded as videos. The problem? If you’ve already created your project using a template that doesn’t support video and you’d like to change it, you can’t. At least there’s no way I’ve found to do it. It means starting the project over in the format you’d like to change to. I’ve been burned by this a couple of times. 

Background audio tracks on video

Visme has a great library of sound and music for your projects. The problem is that if you want to add it to the entire project, you’ll need to do it on the main menu for the project. And it’s a bit buried. Additionally, once you’ve added the track, you can’t really edit it. For example, if you’d like to match certain elements (say, a big swell of horns) to a specific place in your presentation, you can’t do it. Finally, if the track itself is longer than your video, you can’t fade it out at the end.

Downloading speed — especially for videos

This is probably a growing pains issue, but download times, especially for video, are long. I was doing a 25-second ad for a customer, and it took nearly 20 minutes to download the finished copy. This made it challenging to quickly share edits (my customers aren’t using Visme themselves yet). One nice thing is that Visme will email you when the video is done. 

Easier branding and color palettes for multiple customers

Visme has a nice set of pre-built color palettes. It also has integration with Brandfetch, which can be helpful if you’re working with larger companies. Unfortunately, I haven’t found an easy way to create color palettes (and fonts) based on my customers’ branding guidelines. And once I do make a palette, they aren’t at my fingertips when I need them. 

Visme is an excellent choice for visual content design

If you are looking for a more powerful but not overwhelming content design tool, then you really can’t go wrong with Visme. While it is more expensive than some competitors, it delivers more functionality. There is a passionate team behind the tool. They are accessible and genuinely want to make a great product and help you make great designs. To me, that makes all the difference. 

I’ll definitely continue using Visme and have migrated almost all of my projects over to their platform.

Want to learn more? Check out Visme here.

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