Hi! I’m Rob Humenik

Content Marketing Strategist, Demand Gen Enthusiast, and Freelance Copywriter Extraordinaire.

Have you ever looked at a competitor’s blog and thought, “Darn, I wish I had time to create stuff like that?” Do you wish you had great case studies to share with prospects and grow your sales pipeline? Do you dream of a social media presence with more followers than just your Great Aunt Edna?

The problem is you don’t have time to do all the writing work, figure out SEO, or even develop a Content Marketing Strategy. You certainly don’t have time to handhold someone or deal with poorly written, unpolished copy.

And terms like Demand Gen, Dark Social, and Product Led Marketing? They sound like they’re probably just made-up funny business (they’re not 😉). 

That’s where

I can help!

I write high-quality web content (think blog posts, social media, emails, e-books, and newsletters) that will drive traffic to your site. I love capturing your customer success stories into case studies you can use to grow sales. I can create white papers or emails that will get prospects to sign-up for that demo. I write in a friendly voice that complements your brand and makes the complex accessible.

I understand SEO and will weave that knowledge into my writing, so you’ll get high-quality content that ranks.

I can also help you with more than writing.

We can work together to develop your content marketing strategy. We’ll look at your goals and set up meaningful metrics. We’ll examine what content you have today and what your competitors are doing. Then we’ll build your SEO strategy and discover your opportunities for success. Finally, we’ll come up with a realistic plan to achieve your goals and exceed your metrics.

I won’t drop the plan on your desk and walk away. I can apply my project management experience to work with your team to see the program through.

Are you ready to unlock growth?

I understand how businesses run — what it takes to start one up, scale it, and grow. I’ve worked with large and small companies in many industries, including EdTech, Retail, and Healthcare. Whether your product is SaaS/Cloud-based or installed on your customers’ hardware, I’ve been there, and I’d love to work with you.

If you are a growing Tech company – start-up or scaled-up – let’s talk!

Outside of work…

I am an avid learner and am fascinated by EdTech, automation, AI, and the changing workplace.

I love spending time with my wife and chasing around my two boys, a wacky pug, and now a new lab puppy.

I have a passion for running (especially away from bears), cycling, playing guitar, and writing.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or send me some of your own puppy pictures 

Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!

Gratuitous puppy pictures. Admit it… They’re so cute! You just have to hire me now!