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Demand Gen Consulting


Give your marketing the attention it deserves and watch your revenue grow!

We help educate your customers no matter where they are on the buying journey.

Remember the days when you’d send out an email blast or link to your latest blog posts, and customers would flock to your site?

Welp, unfortunately, those days are over. 

B2B Customers have changed the way they buy. Things aren’t as straightforward as they used to be. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult process to guide buyers to a decision.

We can help you define your market and build demand for your products and services. 

Sharable CONTENT THAT Educates customers
Strategy that grows revenue
WOrkshops to Define your Ideal Customer Profile
A plan to Be where your buyers are
What we do

We can work together to develop your content marketing strategy, build a demand gen growth engine, or write beautiful content that educates your ideal customer.

Content Marketing Strategy

We'll build a plan to get your message out.

Content Marketing Strategy

Your customers will know who you are and why they need you. They'll have enough information to decide to buy your products when they're ready.

Demand Gen

Build a strategy to guide somebody to a decision instead of trying to sell them a solution they aren't looking for.

Demand Gen

Have you heard about dark social (cue spooky music)? It doesn't have to be scary. We'll help you be where your buyers are with content they’ll want to SHARE on places you CAN NOT get to.

Freelance Copywriting

Blog posts, e-Books, Case Studies, Social Media, and so much more...

Freelance Writing

We'll write straightforward, high-quality content that will build thought leadership. Got some sweet dance moves? We can even help you launch a TikTok channel.
Hi there! I’m Rob.

Rob Humenik

Content Marketing Strategist, Demand Gen Enthusiast, and Freelance Copywriter Extraordinaire.

I have over twenty years of experience in the B2B tech world. A big chunk of those years have been in EdTech. But I’ve also spent time in a lot of other industries. I’ve seen a lot of crazy… stuff.

I love working with tech businesses to unlock their growth potential and fill their pipelines with high-quality revenue opportunities. 

You can work with me as a consultant or hire me for specific content marketing projects. I’m here to help you grow.


While I can’t give you any extra hours in the day, I can take content marketing off your plate & save you time.

Curious about what people say about us & our services?
Our Mission

To help your business reach its growth potential by building a clear content marketing strategy, generating demand, and writing exceptional copy that converts.

Whether you need a content marketing strategy, want someone to help you figure out what all this demand gen hubbub is about, or just need someone to get the ideas out of your head and into some well-written copy. We’re here to help!

I love working with all types of B2B Tech companys. High growth start-ups? Mid-size companies looking to solidify their pipeline? Large  companies that just need some dang good content? 

I’ve got your back.

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